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The World Health Organisation, (W.H.O,) strategic plan and frame work for Health for the 21st century emphasises on ‘ Health for all by the year 2020- Meaning equitable and affordable resources that is accessible for all to maintain a healthy life. This movement focuses and defines health as, ‘an over all good quality of life of an individual’s mental, physical, spiritual, and social well being, using available resources to better and improve quality of life’. The realisation of this Health vision 2020, will require efforts from all levels of government, society, communities and families.

Healthy family is a healthy community, and a healthy community is a healthy society and so on. This movement starts from family care. Illness of a family member impacts the whole family. Through referral services, care at home would become just about the popular method of providing primary care, meaning that a good quality of that care is important to meet the health needs of the family, community and the over all society.

The Continued Innovation in Technology have broadened global awareness on the importance of adopting a Healthy lifestyle and as people have become knowledgeable about what improves and maintains health, the quest to search for the best in the Services they receive, becomes a necessity. This means that best practice in a service provider would be one that keeps up with Technological Trends among other innovated movements.

We at 24/7 home support and care Inc., do our home work to Keep up with everyday trends. We do not only highlight paying attention to important details that make an individual unique, but also incorporate the use of research best practice methods to provide the best quality of care for our clients in order that they attain and maintain that over all good quality of life that the world Health Organisation, (W.H.O.) hope to achieve by the year 2020, or going forward.

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Our team of Carefully selected, compassionate, experienced, bond-able and dedicated professionals, would put a smile on your face before leaving your home.

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Companion Care

At 24/7 Home Support And Care Inc.,our companion care services are far beyond basic care. We are dedicated in making sure that you are not bored during our companion care.We would let you tell us your areas of interests, ranging from going for walks, baking and even sharing with us any of your family passions in a story.

Elder Care

Retirement due to limited mobility from ageing process or a disabling event  should not define an individual and should not be a reason to stop living life. Maintaining dignity and individual’s standard of life should never be compromised.

Meal Preparation

24/7 Home Support and care Inc., provides very well oriented services for your loved ones based on their needs.We would determine our clients’ abilities and then, encourage, empower and assist in maintaining the abilities that they already have to plan, cook and prepare the right meals of our clients’ interest. We would not take away independence but encourage it..

Medical Appointments

Scheduling and keeping a medical appointment can be challenging for our elders, 24/7 Home support and care inc., would make sure that all your medical appointments and follow ups are scheduled and kept.

Personal Care

Our team of dedicated, compassionate and experienced staff follow our guidelines to make sure that your need are met and in a reasonable timely manner that is not rushed. We assure your comfort while making sure that your daily grooming and hygiene are maintained adequately.

Relief For Moms

Pregnancy is not easy. Giving birth and welcoming a baby is an amazing time for the family but what about the mom? Being a mom can be hard, with all the work you do from taking care of the entire family.


List of our Rental resources

Wheel Chair
Bath Chair
Blood Sugar Monitors